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Factory Applied Coatings



Our primers are ideal base coats for all types of exterior solid color stains and paint. Formulated specifically for machine application, Our primers provide excellent adhesion to most surfaces for superior performance and durability on exterior siding and trim.

  • Oil-and water-based formulations
  • Exceptionally resistant to tannin-bleed

Semi-Transparent and Semi-Solid Stain

Semi-Transparent Stain contains the lightest pigmentation designed to accentuate natural wood grain and character. Formulated with additional pigment, Semi-Solid Stain bridges the gap between a semi-transparent and a solid stain.

  • Water-based formulations
  • Deep penetrating
  • 5-year guarantee
    (water-based only)

Alkyd Oil One Coat

Our alkyd oil is specially formulated with a tough, durable alkyd resin to provide superior performance and lasting beauty. No primer is necessary.

  • High-hiding, oil-based formulation
  • 5-year guarantee

Latex Topcoats

Formulated exclusively for factory application, a latex topcoat is a premium-quality, solid color coating that provides years of maintenance-free beauty and protection.

  • Water-based formulation
  • 15-year guarantee
  • 30-year guarantee
    (3 coats on wood)

Cement/Composite Specific Topcoats

(for Cement and LP Sidings)

Specially engineered for factory application to cement and composite sidings. These solid color coatings use a durable resin that protects and beautifies cement and composite substrates for years.

  • Water-based formulation
  • 25-year guarantee
    (applied over primed cement and composite products)

Other Factory-Applied Coatings

Exterior: Cabot Woodtones Hybrid Clear — #19200 series; water-based; available in 3 natural woodtones

Sherwin-Williams Assured Applicator Certification

Edmund Allen is proud to be exclusively recognized by Sherwin-Williams as one of the country’s top-performing partners when it comes to delivering exceptional product quality and service to our customers. As an Assured Applicator, our coating system, standard operating procedures and finishing process have been audited and certified by Sherwin-Williams Industrial Wood Coatings and you can be confident in our commitment to delivering excellence.

assured applicated certified
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