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The employee owners at Edmund Allen Lumber make every effort to provide you with the best exterior products and finishes available. Many of these products offer great performance and warranties, but only if they are installed correctly by experienced hands. For the maximum in performance and protection, please download whichever instructions apply to your project. Please contact us if you can’t find what you need.

Cedar Installation

Cedar Valley Shingle Panel Installation

LP SmartSide Installation

James Hardie Fiber Cement Installation

Allura Fiber Cement Installation

 Boral TruExterior Trim Installation

 Azek PaintPro Trim Installation



Why Cedar?

  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Workable
  • Stainable
  • Lightweight
  • Abundant
  • Renewable
  • Real


Factory Finishing

At Edmund Allen Lumber, we have been finishing cedar and related siding products at our facility since 1962. Numerous studies have been done and the results are unanimous: Factory Finishing is the most uniform, economical, and effective way to protect exterior siding and trim. With real wood siding such as cedar, a US Forest Products joint coatings committee study determined that adhesion on “raw” boards was compromised with as little as two weeks of exposure to the elements.


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